Lucille Markland

Lucille Markland came to Life Care Center of Banner Elk, North Carolina, for rehabilitation after a hip fracture.


Markland needed extensive assistance to walk, roll over in bed, get in and out of chairs and manage her medications when she arrived on Jan. 16, 2019. She needed moderate assistance with bathing and dressing, as well as grooming, and some help with sitting and standing balance too.


Every day, Markland worked with the physical therapy team to increase her strength and mobility. PT helped her with leg strength, balance and walking. Meanwhile, she took part in occupational therapy sessions five days a week, which helped her master her self-care activities again, as well as basic home making skills like cooking.


“Now I can dress myself and make my bed,” said Markland. “I can walk with a walker. OT and PT have given me confidence to do things for myself. People have gone out of their way to help me. Therapy has me walking again and made me independent again. I appreciate everyone helping make things better for me.”


Markland returned home on April 1 with home health services.