Kristin Eriksson with Lisa Reynolds, physical therapist assistant

Kristin Eriksson has atrial fibrillation, and after having a fall, she was hospitalized for progressive weakness and a decline in her mobility.


Eriksson came to Life Care Center of Banner Elk, North Carolina, for rehabilitation on Aug. 13, 2019, needing moderate help for bed mobility, standing balance, dressing, bathing and transfers (such as getting from a bed to a chair). She also needed some help with walking.


Seven days a week, Eriksson took part in physical therapy to help her improve her strength, balance, endurance and gait. She did occupational therapy five days a week, which focused on her activities of daily living, arm strength and reaching. Occupational therapists also taught her how to use her walker in the bathroom.


"I look forward to going to therapy because it keeps me moving,” said Eriksson. “I will miss going to therapy but am eager for my normal life again.”


Eriksson returned home on Sept. 11, requiring less assistance for standing balance and bathing and independent in her other mobility skills and activities of daily living.