“PT has given me confidence and enabled me to finally kick the cane.”

Life Care Center of Banner Elk, North Carolina, serves not only long-term care patients and short-term inpatients but also outpatients who come to the facility a few days a week for rehabilitation sessions.


One such patient is Constance Bowen, a resident of nearby Beech Mountain, North Carolina. Bowen had a total right knee replacement and began physical therapy sessions at Life Care on April 6, 2018.


When Bowen started therapy, she had difficulty with range of motion and flexion in her right knee, which hampered her ability to walk, manage steps and do normal community activities. She is very active, too, organizing and hosting activities at the clubhouse and participating in outdoor exercise like swimming and golf.


Physical therapists used kinetic exercises to restore full use of Bowen’s knee. They also used the Biodex balance machine to improve her balance and ability to shift her weight, and they practiced having her walk on different terrains and unlevel surfaces to improve her walking.


“PT has given me confidence and enabled me to finally kick the cane,” said Bowen. “I am now able to use the bike at the gym, and I plan to be back at the pool soon. I can get up and down stairs without pausing, and I am able to carry more stuff without stopping.”


Bowen completed her physical therapy on May 25.


“Everyone has been wonderful,” she said. “I absolutely recommend Life Care Center of Banner Elk to anyone who needs rehab. I am so grateful.”